CalRAM provides unimaginable designs from the inside out.

You already know that AM offers unparalleled design complexity and near limitless geometries that go above and beyond the possibilities of conventional subtractive methods. Internal and external features (i.e., organic surfaces), engineered surface textures and conformal cooling channels all become feasible with layer-by-layer manufacturing. Creating mesh designs instead of solid ones reduces weight while maintaining structural performance demands.

But now topology optimization, a paradigm-shifting technology, is taking additive manufacturing to a new level. Topology optimization software systematically analyzes the stresses on a particular shape and then removes unnecessary material from the design. Repeat the process over and over and you end up with a skeletal-like interior with outward dimensions still identical to normal load-bearing elements. The result: You get the same strength characteristics with much less material. In other words, a greater strength to weight ratio. Imagine the possibilities with CalRAM.