Make parts with higher reliability at unprecedented speed.

CalRAM’s turnkey Additive Manufacturing (AM) process enables faster prototype and full production runs of structural metallic components than conventional subtractive methods. What’s more, our ability to fabricate any geometric components directly from CAD files shrinks delivery times from months to days. This eliminates expensive, non-recurring tooling and reduces material waste to virtually zero, thereby achieving significant cost savings.

Working with a customers’ established print specs, CalRAM offers concurrent engineering services that meet form, fit and function requirements. CalRAM’s Electron Beam Melting (EBM) part-to-print technology elevates temperature processing to ensure stress-free components. The 700 to 1000°C temperatures used to melt and consolidate metallic powder beds also delivers parts that retain their shape when cooled to room temperature. In addition, we fabricate under vacuum to minimize contamination.

The result: parts that meet or exceed the mechanical properties of metals produced by subtractive manufacturing processes — all made in considerably less time.