The performance benefits of AM are unmatched.

Admittedly, you can make high quality parts with cast as well as wrought and forging processes. And if time to build was of no concern to you, we might have nothing more to say here. But time to build is in fact a major concern for all.

Because of that, we offer building processes that require no tooling; that are weeks, even months, faster than traditional methods, producing parts with metallurgy whose performance exceeds those created through conventional subtractive means. Increased metal component density (99.8%) means stronger, more durable components with greater structural stability. And rapid design iteration introduces a new, more rigorous level of functionality testing for prototypes. Such results are achieved in a number of ways.

Electron Beam Melting (EBM) prints parts directly from the CAD file, delivering near-net shape parts consistently. An inherently heat-based process, EBM allows parts to be built without residual stresses. No structural supports are required to keep parts from distorting during the process. That translates to unprecedented design freedom. What’s more, it’s possible to reduce the volume of metal used — and of course the weight of the finished part — by creating mesh rather than solid designs.

In virtually all industries the demand for miniaturization and highly precise micro parts is rapidly increasing. Such parts typically allow for very low tolerances and must be able to handle long-term stress. Responding to these challenges, CalRAM has developed Micro Laser-Sintering (MLS) technology , which offers all the benefits of an AM process for the manufacturing of miniaturized parts. If you require small, complex or individualized parts, MLS is an excellent candidate.

The bottom line: when it comes to part manufacturing, it’s far better to add than to subtract.