Less time, waste and tooling, coupled with sustainability, mean a bigger bottom line.

CalRAM provides significant cost savings over traditional manufacturing for several reasons. First, the cost of expensive, non-recurring tooling is either minimized or eliminated. Second, consolidating separate components into one decreases part count, machining errors and assembly costs. The overall result is a dramatic reduction in development, production and post-processing time. Third, quickly rendered, complex prototypes allow for design revisions on the fly, reducing overall design cycle time. And, finally, AM’s layer-by-layer technology leads to a tremendous reduction in material waste.

Even better, true sustainability with increased production becomes a reality with AM through a reduction in materials waste, lead times, energy (fewer production steps) and material input (through the elimination of bulk) and transportation costs.

These lighter parts also translate to fuel savings if shipped. Part-to-print technology also facilitates green manufacturing through a more fuel-efficient building process and the reuse of by-products.